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Johnson Street Northeast Reconstruction

Johnson Street Reconstruction
Johnson Street Northeast Reconstruction

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Client:  City of Minneapolis


The City of Minneapolis is always working to improve pedestrian safety along its roadways. As part of this ongoing effort, the City hired HEI to provide civil design services for a 0.5-mile-long portion of Johnson Street Northeast. 

The project will include new pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, shared-use path, utilities, signals, lighting, and signage. The City wants to improve pedestrian safety, bike connectivity, and access to businesses while coordinating designs with other agencies to improve the efficiency of this project and others.

The Project

HEI began this project by gathering and reviewing data of the existing project corridor. This included accessing City data, reviewing the project area's drainage, completing utility surveys, and performing field verification. This task involved coordination and collaboration with private businesses to ensure all relevant data was gathered. 

The 30% street layout was provided to HEI to verify that the layout would work with the site conditions and grades. Several aspects of the project were covered during this phase, including feasibility plans and reviews for various stormwater management practices that could be included in the project. Our team then used the comments received from the City to update the 30% design plans to the 60% plans. 

This process was then repeated through to the 90% plans before the final plans were completed.
These designs include:
  • stormwater utilities,
  • a shared-use path,
  • signals,
  • lighting,
  • curb and gutter, and
  • signage.

Our team completed the design plans and the City is in the process of selecting a contractor. The Johnson Street Northeast reconstruction project will be completed during the 2021 construction season.

Client Benefits

  • Specific designs to incorporate a shared-use path that improves pedestrian safety.
  • Field and topographic surveys to ensure all existing data is verified and accurate.